Why Makeup Ruins Your Workout


Working out is supposed to be about feeling better… with looking better coming in at a close second. But with the endless mirrors lining the walls of gyms and yoga studios, it’s no surprise that women feel under pressure to look their best as they pant their way through a set of squats (hence the rise of the $90 Lululemon Wunder legging).

In a recent poll* carried out in Britain, more than a quarter of the women surveyed said they wear full makeup when they visit the gym (with 11 percent admitting that their motivation was to attract or impress members of the opposite sex); half of that group admitted that they didn’t work out as hard when they had makeup on in case they ruined their look.

Workouts Aren”t Pretty

To reiterate: A poll has found that 25 percent of women wear makeup to the gym despite the fact that doing so reduces the effectiveness of their workout. And it gets worse: “Makeup is very occlusive,” says aesthetician and spinning devotee Oni Chaves. “Combined with perspiration and heat, it can cause your pores to become clogged, increasing the likelihood of a breakout.”

So wearing makeup to the gym basically makes you look worse. Fortunately for the 38 percent of women in the survey who claimed that they never leave their house without applying their makeup, there are other options.  “If you must, tinted moisturizer is a better option,” says Chaves. “I love Revision Intellishade in the matte finish. It’s also a broad spectrum SPF and can definitely hold up during a workout either inside or out.” To avoid panda eyes, skip the mascara and try tinting your lashes or getting Lashdip, a semi-permanent professional lash coat. A coat of minty lip gloss will keep your breath fresh and your lips moist.


“Combined with perspiration and heat, makeup can cause your pores to become clogged increasing the likelihood of a breakout.”


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