Wear Glasses? Here’s How to Make Your Eyes Pop


“I think people fetishize glasses in general. You could put glasses on a rotting pumpkin and people would think it was sexy.” – Tina Fey

Glasses are such a hot accessory these days, but you can’t just throw them on and expect to transform into the chicest, Jenna Lyons-iest version of yourself possible.  The J. Crew creative director skillfully wields an eyeliner pencil to make her eyes pop behind those famous frames. jenna lyons

Photo source: Daily Mail

And for many of us, they’re less of an accessory and more of a way to see clearly. We wear them every day, not quite sure whether to overcompensate or undercompensate with makeup.

To get the do’s and don’ts of wearing makeup with glasses (because let’s face it, our eyes aren’t getting any better), I turned to a few beauty experts who set me straight.

From celebrity makeup artist Houda Casablanca (Angelo David Salon):

â–º  Always curl your lashes before applying mascara, especially if you have long, straight lashes. That prevents your lashes from rubbing against your glasses. And wait a minute until your mascara dries, so you don”t have black streaks on the glass.

â–º  [When] applying concealer, go well beyond the undereye area. Using a blending brush, buff on your favorite concealer in circular motions, down to the cheekbone. Doing so will give you a much brighter appearance and help with any dark shadowing caused by wearing glasses.

â–º  Just because you wear glasses doesn”t mean you can”t have fun with colorful shadows. But keep in mind, using shadows with purple undertones may bring out the dark shadows under the eyes. So stick to neutral tones, and use a pop of color on the crease instead of the entire lid!

From Senior Beauty Editor Teresa “T” Sammarco:

Your prescription makes all the difference on how you should wear your makeup:

•  If your glasses magnify your eyes, err on the subtle side of makeup.

•  People with a strong prescription can even avoid makeup on the lower lash line altogether.

•  If you are far-sighted, you can get away with more eye makeup. Your eyes will appear smaller to others, so contour shadow, liner, and mascara can be worn.

Depending on your frames, enhancing your brow can be really beautiful peeking out over the top of your glasses. If [your] brows are mostly obscured by glasses, try a bold lip to balance your frames.

From beauty expert and author of Practical Glamour Constance Dunn:

When you have glasses, you are adding yet another dimension to the face. Glasses also draw you into a woman’s face. Therefore it’s crucial to take your glasses into account when designing your best makeup looks…

Today I saw a gal wearing retro-looking, cat’s eye glasses, and she looked great due to the bold lip color and 1950s-looking upsweep of her hair that complemented her statement glasses. How different she would have looked if she wore no makeup, or a nude lip with unaccented eyes…

The wearer of glasses should think of makeup like a chef thinks of wine, aiming for balance and contrast. You wouldn’t think of pairing a strong, earthy dish with a wispy, sweet wine anymore than you would think of topping a bare face with a bold, eye-catching pair of glasses.

“The wearer of glasses should think of makeup like a chef thinks of wine, aiming for balance and contrast.” – Constance Dunn