Sophie Tweed-Simmons: “I Will Never Have a Thigh Gap”

We asked ‘Gene Simmons: Family Jewels’ star Sophie Tweed-Simmons to open about the body insecurities she’s sometimes plagued with.  What we discovered is that the 22-year-old is just like us, and faces the same doubts day in and day out.  

I, like every girl my age or any age for that matter, spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media admiring the images of “perfect women.” They are effortlessly chic and thin and impossibly fashionable. They wear the crap out of a plain white t-shirt in a way I don’t think I ever could. Their “candid” shots make me want to die and so do the photos from music festivals. If you go to Coachella, in that 100 degree weather and you don’t sweat your butt off, I’m not sure you’re human.

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Like every girl my age, I diet to try to emulate these social media sirens. I juice, I cleanse, I starve and I workout like a mo-fo. And here is what I’ve come up with. I will never have a thigh-gap or nymph like candid shots. I will never weigh 120lbs while being in good health. And honestly, other than being truly healthy, I don’t care to try anymore. Sophie Simmons Bikini Shirt Over Head

I am a size 8 during the summer, a 10 during the holidays and a 12 during a “bad time.” And none of those numbers knows my name or who I am as a person, so I vow to stop trying to please those numbers and to start only pleasing myself. I will treat myself with respect and understanding. I will let myself eat cake if I want to and I will not scold myself. I will become aware of my body and what it wants. I will not (this is important) OVER indulge nor will I deprive myself. And don’t even get me started on scales…

My bathroom scale doesn’t know me so why does it determine my mood and eating habits at the start of each day? The more I talk about it out loud, without the influence of other women, the more ridiculous I sound. I am not a number or a size or a body type. I am a sum of my family, my relationships, my beliefs, my passions and my education. Those things, to me determine if a person is beautiful or not. And I don’t see any numbers, juice cleanses or gym hours in there. Sophie Simmons Bikini Friends Roof Top

[Images via Sophie Tweed-Simmons]

I’m not saying I’m exempt from feeling the pressures of the media, my peers and the fashion industry. I defiantly have days where I wish I was a size 2 and that my legs didn’t touch. The days where I HATE absolutely all my clothes. The days I wish dressing rooms would die because I would literally rather break my arm than try on another skirt that won’t ever fit me. I wish I didn’t only eat really healthy foods and I could just eat junk all day.

But usually I just tell everyone to “suck it” because I’m pretty awesome. And you are too.

Let’s just be us. Enjoy life. Live healthfully.

Sophie Tweed-Simmons