Office Pants You Can Move, Stretch, and Breathe In

A friend of mine told me the other day that she fled from the corporate world largely due to the discomfort she felt dressing up in too-tight cute clothing, then just sitting under fluorescent lights and typing stuff into her computer.

Wow, can I ever relate to that! Sarcastically, she said, “Good thing I looked super cute for people I only talked to over the phone.” If only distant clients knew the pain and struggle we go through to wear women’s office attire all day. I would argue that nylons should be considered a morning workout all on their own.

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Luckily for us working women, there is a comfort-revolution going on in the United States. Up until now, many brands have tried, and a many have failed. We don’t want to look like we’re wearing pajamas in the office… but we also don’t want to vacuum-seal our organs as we sit for 8-plus hour days.

Well, ladies, it’s a new dawn for women’s officewearBetabrand is the first to succeed in creation of a comfortable-chic office yoga pant. Believe me, other hybrid office pants don’t hold a candle to these babies. Farethewell, jeggings! Thank you for playing.

Read on for the enlightening details of this giant leap for womankind:

“Betabrand is amending corporate fashion bylaws with a new line of ultra-comfortable stretch pants with sophisticated styling. Since unveiling Dress Pant Yoga Pants as a crowdfunding experiment in January, the online clothier has sold over 9,000 pairs, and can barely keep up with demand.”

Ah, to consider the possibilities… I can wear these pantaloons for my semi-judged office yoga breaks. In a real pinch, I could even wear them to yoga after work. My legs will rejoice in the newfound presence of – what’s this?! – circulation.

Betabrand’s Dress Pant Yoga Pants are available in 3 styles and colors, which have potential to cover every workday if circulated strategically. Did I mention they do magical things for the derrière?

Okay, I know you want a pair, too… buy them here ($88).

Betabrand is an online clothing company based in San Francisco that releases new products every day and crowdsources design ideas and photography from customers. Since launching in 2010, Betabrand has released a host of Internet fashion hits, including Executive HoodiesSock InsuranceBike to Work PantsSpace JacketsCordarounds, and Gay Jeans.   

[Images via Betabrand]