Men React to Plus-Size Snow White: We’re Attracted to This

So what was the verdict of male commenters about this rendition of Snow White? She’s hot.

The meandering conversation took a turn towards the attractiveness of this plus-size body right after someone made the less than politically correct joke, “the prince is a skinny black dude.” To which one man replied:

“Skinny black dude here. A cute face and a body like that makes me go crazy.” — TryNot2Care

In response, a different commenter then asked the bold question, “Why?”:

“From a purely sociological perspective do you mind if I ask why? I’ve always known about the stereotype but never had the opportunity to ask why some black men are attracted to rubenesque white women. Is it something tangible about the way they look or more an ingrained part of black culture?” — chronicwisdom

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To which another man immediately responded:

“A surprising amount of white guys like bigger girls too. There’s really no body type that’s ‘bad’ […] Popular culture is just terrible to everyone.”ice445

And then more guys chimed in with gusto to back up this man’s claim that it wasn’t just one ethnicity of men that found this body type attractive:

“Skinny WHITE dude here. My thick woman drives me insaneee ;3” — InfyEnds

“Average white dude here. OP’s picture gave me an erection.” — sharkman873

“I am white, athletic, and I would like to think attractive. I only date fat girls. They are my favorite.” — laughingbun

“My skinny brother. Thick girls are the best.” — Your_Favorite_Poster

“Average white dude here. Hell yes.” — FuglytheBear

“i think Tracy Morgan said it best: everywhere feels like boob.” — tupac_chopra

While the remarks are, yes, colorful, for many following the thread it was a refreshing dose of honesty about a perspective that rarely gets air-time in pop culture. One plus-size woman reading the thread reacted:

“As a larger-than-average (aka: fat, let’s be honest) girl, it’s kind nice to see a comment that isn’t about how horribly disgusting big girls are on reddit. I get the dislike but it can get pretty hurtful. So uh, thanks, I guess?” — stitchesandlace

To which a male commenter wrote back:

“You’re welcome, I’m sure your body’s rockin’.” TryNot2Care

That last comment really gets me. Well said, Reddit man. Well said.

[Lead image: Art work ©2014 José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros. Photo credit: All rights reserved.]

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