Mascara That Lasts For a Month?

Lash Dip is a semi-permanent lash coat that gives your lashes the bold look of mascara with half the hassle. A few applications of the water-resistant formula add curl, volume, and length, and can last up to four whole weeks. The cost is between $100-$300 per initial application, the results look fabulous, and there’s no risk of damage to your original lashes.

The WorldLifestyle staff had the opportunity to review the service recently with Lash Dip Senior Educator Laurel Carraway of Petite Magique.

The skinny, classic or all-out glam: which to choose?

When I first spoke with Laurel, she gave a list of three different styles of Lash Dip to choose from:“The Skinny,” “The Classic,” or “LashDipped Extensions.” I decided to go glamorous and try the “LashDipped Extensions,” while my friend, Celeste, went for a more subdued look with “The Skinny.”

The Skinny: A simple, light coating of the dip, which emphasizes the lash but does not look overdone. The service lasts around 14-21 days, depending on aftercare.

The Classic: A full coating of the dip, which mimics the full look of mascara’s length and thickness. The service also lasts around 14-21 days, depending on aftercare.

LashDipped Extensions: For those in need of an all-out glam transformation — the extension and dip both add fullness, length, and density that simply can’t be beat.

The Process:

When visiting your technician, expect a brief overview of the process and aftercare steps first. Once that’s covered, the lashes will be cleansed and any eye makeup will be removed. If you’re just getting the Lash Dip, the process will begin coating. If you’re opting for lash dip plus eyelash extensions, the extensions will be applied first. During the process, you’ll be lying down comfortably with shields around your eyes.

The Lash Dip process takes about an hour and Lash Dip with extensions will be around an hour and a half.

The Pros of Lash Dip:

  • Convenience factor. Whether you opt for “Skinny,” “Classic,” or “LashDipped Extensions,” the finished look will cut down your mirror time.
  • Comfortable wear. The eyelashes feel as light as a feather. You don’t need to worry about the coating weighing the eyelashes down, as it actually feels lighter than any normal mascara application.
  • Clean appearance. Provides a “hyperseparation” that mascara simply cannot provide. It’s a clean, separated look without the clumps.
  • Gentle adhesive. Even people with sensitive eyes should be able to sustain the process.

The Cons of Lash Dip:

  • Laurel warned ahead of time: “The more you touch, the faster it wears.” And boy, she was right. If you tend to fidget and touch your face often, the process may not be for you. Once the coating is on, you cannot rub your eyes, tug at your lashes, or apply any mascara on top.

Overall, both Celeste and I were very happy with the process. Our eyelashes looked and felt wonderful. The coating wore off exactly when Laurel said it would — in about two to three weeks for Celeste and in about three to four weeks for me.


Disclaimer: we may have received one or more of the above products or services free for evaluation purposes. However, any positive recommendations are still the honest and unbiased opinion of the writer.