Genius Bedtime Product Teaches Kids To Not Fear The Dark

Kid Under Covers Glow Away

Once upon a time, we all had ways of coping with the dark.  I used to throw the comforter over my head so that nothing in the room was in my line of sight.  It sounds strange, but it was the only way to calm me down and stop me from imagining what was outside my door and/or under my bed.

A new product called Glow Away (from $89.00) taps into the minds of children in order to help them conquer their fear of the dark.  Founded by two innovation specialists, Davide Russo and Charlotte Cramer, the book and duvet set were designed after hearing up-all-night stories from friends and their kids.

Glow Away Duvet BLue

Glow Away

How it works:

Studies show that the inventive mind of a child can prevent a good night’s sleep.  By using imagination, understanding and empowerment, Glow Away creates a story for the child to make them feel more secure and in control of the dark.

The set comes with a Luli Bunny-illustrated book starring Boo (the yellow fellow), who teaches a little boy, Sam, a spell to protect himself from monsters at bedtime.  Also included is a glow-in-the-dark duvet cover (see above).

Glow Away Duvet Book Set

“As a kid I was terrified of the dark,” said Russo. “Every night my mum had to tuck in my duvet all around the bed, otherwise I was convinced that some scary monster would grab my feet. Since my nephew is going through the same experience, Charley and I decided to look closer at this problem. Through speaking with several child psychiatrists and health care providers, we discovered that fear of the dark in kids is second only to a fear of animals. For a 5 year old, monsters under your bed is as scary as it gets, so we decided that somebody had to put an end to fear of the dark once and for all in a creative way and Glow Away accomplishes that.”

Boo’s words glow on the duvet all night, providing comfort and a sense of security that allows your kid to stay asleep all night.




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