The Best Camera-Ready Beauty Products

Liz Hernandez is a Mexican-American television personality and journalist. In 2014, she joined NBC’s Access Hollywood as a co-host, and has previously appeared on MTV, E! News, and HBO’s Entourage.  She is proud to be one of the entertainment news program’s first Latina correspondents and the only Latina currently on the air for the show.

As an on-the-air jet setter, Liz has been a loyal user of beauty products that allow her to put her best look forward, no matter her environment. We wanted to know which staple brands make eyes pop on camera, skin look flawless, and have quality staying power that outlasts the entertainment industry’s working hours! Her beauty secrets are out – the ever-radiant Liz gave us a look inside her makeup bag.

Faceatelier Ultra Foundation

This foundation gives me the perfect glow – its warm shades look true to my skin tone and leave a natural radiance to my complexion. I love that it feels light but gives the right amount of coverage. ($48)

Temptu Concealer

When it comes to highlighting and contouring, this is my go-to! It blends well, looks soft and doesn’t crease around the eyes. ($28)

Anastasia Brow Pencil

This is my favorite brow pencil, no question. The color selection is very natural, which is great for keeping my brows looking clean and full. Each pencil has a brow brush on the flip-side, which is handy for blending. ($23)

NARS Lipstick

These lipstick pencils are creamy, smooth and make my lips look full. The best part is you can skip using a lip liner with this lipstick because it acts as both products. ($26)
Bobbie Brown Lip Pencils

If you can’t do without lip liner, these lip pencils really complement the NARS lipsticks. I use Brownie Pink & Pale Pink. ($22)
Urban Decay Eye Shadow

I don’t like to wear a lot of eye makeup; just a few coats of mascara with some soft shadow. Urban Decay’s shadow set carries mostly neutral colors. They keep my look natural but do a great job of enhancing my eyes. ($18)

MAC Powders & Blushes

Blush is probably my favorite and most used product, so I’m pretty serious about finding one that I love. A few sweeps of blush will brighten your whole look. I use MAC’s Rosy Outlook! I stick to MAC blushes and powders because their powder gives great coverage and lays a smooth surface for your blush. These products last forever and also do a good job of staying put. ($21)



Born and raised in Southern California, Hernandez served as the long-time co-host of the #1 rated and nationally syndicated morning show Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Los Angeles’ influential Power 106 FM. She has been recognized by the National Hispanic Media Coalition for excellence in radio broadcasting.

In addition to her correspondent work, Liz has also participated in a National Coors Light campaign in 2010 and served as the poster girl for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. A graduate of the University of San Diego with a degree in Communications and Psychology, Liz resides in Los Angeles with her French Bulldog Albondiga.

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