3 Reasons Why We Love That Sarah Drew Loves ‘Parenthood’

We asked Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew about her favorite tv show and, well, her response was kind of awesome.

My favorite TV show (other than Grey‘s of course :)) is Parenthood.  The acting is superb, and the writing is as well. I feel like I know these people. These marriages deal with deeply real and relatable issues. The show celebrates the normal, everyday things of life. There doesn’t have to be a massive affair to create conflict in a marriage. It can just be two people disconnecting and not feeling supported by one another. The characters struggle with the same friendship issues that I struggle with. I see myself in more than one of the characters. I also love that their hero moments are so normal.  It’s just a husband championing his wife, or a daughter championing her brother. I finish every episode more grateful for my family that I was before. Love it!


Why This Is So Great

1. We find out that she’s just like us.  Parenthood is such a relatable show, and although sometimes girls like Drew seem a world away, she feels it too. She highlights her own personal struggles with friendships and even tells us how she sees herself in these characters that so many of us have come to grow and love.

2. Drew gets as invested in each character’s lives. This makes us feel a little be better because we know now it’s totally normal to be invested in tv characters lives, and to feel attached to them. Or you know, to sit in front of the TV every week watching doctors April Kepner and Meredith Grey like they’re part of us.

3. The show makes her grateful. How many times have we watched a movie or tv show, especially one like Parenthood and felt the need to express more appreciation for our loved ones? Drew captures the point of the show, and reminds us to watch our shows with our own lives in mind.

Drew stars in the comedy Mom’s Night Out with Sean Astin and Patricia Heaton.

[Image via NBC] 

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