20 People Reveal Why They Love Their Own Body

Since I started working here at WorldLifestyle, I’ve been consistently inspired by our stories, our readers, my co-workers and our contributors with all these moving blogs about self love and body acceptance. Everyone has heard the phrase that you can’t love someone else until you love yourself first. Loving yourself should be easy right? But for some people it takes years and years to finally look in the mirror and say “Hey! You are beautiful.” It’s a lifelong battle of emotions, trial and error, weight shifts, relationships come and go but at the end of the day you have yourself. I reached out to some social influencers to get their take on what physical attribute they love most about themselves.

“My favorite part about my body is my heart. I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but my heart has grown so much over the years, it has endured trauma, love, happiness, and abuse that were sure to tear it apart, but now that I truly love myself from the inside out and help others to do the same, I’m healthy and happy. With self-love and a positive attitude, I feel unstoppable now!”  Niki Connor

“My favorite part of my body is my abs. Abs are a great indication of overall fitness and health! I eat right and work my core efficiently…and it shows! Did someone say ‘six pack?'” Andrea Lowell

“My legs and big ‘ol feet because they carry me 26.2 miles and more!” Monica Olivas

“It sounds weird, but I love my thyroid cancer scar because it reminds me of my strength and ability to overcome obstacles. So, when I look in the mirror, I often give my scar a loving brush with my hand as a reminder of how precious life is. I’m nearing two years of living cancer-free and embracing all that life has to offer!” Carrie Forrest

“If I have to choose, my favorite part of my body is my legs. I work out all the time, playing different sports and you can definitely notice my long, toned legs :).” Annabella Gutman

“This question is hard to answer as I don’t think there is a part of my body I look down upon. I think when fashion comes into place certain physical attributes shine more than others with the way a garment can lay on my figure. But I think it’s all about a day-to-day process of what physical attribute I love most about my body. I love that my body is very proportioned for its size. Now although I don’t show my big bust often, it is something that I do appreciate having and love my body for. Overall, I think I love the continuous connection I have with my body.” Hayley Hasselhoff

I love my eyes. I’ve heard green eyes are the one of the more rare eye colors. I like being different! My big green eyes are something people seem to notice. My mother and father both have beautiful eyes so it makes me think of them whenever someone notices. It’s important to love things about yourself. I’ve inherited that mindset from my parents too.” Lisa Ruocco

“I guess my favorite thing about my body is my strength and agility. I’ve trained in MMA for a long time and have always pursued being as active as possible in my life without having to go to a weight room i.e. stunt riding, wake boarding, snowboarding, basketball etc.  I feel like more of a man when I can walk around at all times knowing that my lady and my family/friends know that they are protected and safe. That amazing feeling can only come from daily discipline and constantly striving to be above the norm. Ladies deserve to feel safe.  So that definitely keeps me from never slacking. It’s just not in the cards for me. Stay sexy everyone haha!” Remington

I like my legs. They’re strong and get me where I need to go, whether it’s walking to the store or hiking up a mountain.” Vicki Santillano

“I love my abnormally long torso. I used to hate it, especially on dates, because I’m already tall and I didn’t like being taller than a guy while sitting across from him. But then as I got older I started appreciating how it’s pretty awesome to be able to talk eye-to-eye with just about any date. It sets a tone that I like — one that says, no one’s looking down on each other.” Linda Barsi

“When it comes to my body, I’ve been told I have a great ass. But then I have to stop and think, “is this my favorite attribute” or just the favorite attribute of the guys who are staring at my ass? I can’t stare at my own ass, so maybe that’s why I can’t understand the enthusiasm. I think I’ll go with my eyes, they are my window unto the world, and all of the other asses out there!” Meital

 “Love my hair– flowy, natural, and effortless :)” Tara Milhem

“I think the physical attribute I love most about my body is my back. I have a very muscular and toned back due to all of the training we do and the nature of judo (lots of moving and using muscles you didn’t know you had). For me it symbolizes more than just physical strength- it is the foundation of my strength. I know that even when I feel weak my back will carry my body through, and so my mind will never give up. Strong body, strong mind, strong back! ;)”
 Kayla Harrison

My eyebrows. Several stylists have suggested I dye them lighter to match my hair, and each time I tell them “no way.”  They may be thick and bold, but they are part of my identity and I’m very proud of them. Would you tell Kate Winslet to dye her eybrows?” Kelly Lynch

“I’d say my smile and my hands. My smile because it reflects how grateful I am for everything including the ups, downs, challenges and triumphs. Most importantly, if signifies and illustrates the power of choice. No matter what’s going on around me, I choose to be positive and look at the bright side. My hands because they always give me a reason to harass my sister Toni haha. When we were kids, we didn’t have a toaster, so I’d make her toast with the broiler. One day I was making toast and wasn’t paying attention, and I burned myself pretty good. It sucked at the time, but she got her toast, and I have a story to tell haha.
” McKinley Freeman

“Loving a physical attribute of your body is something I teach clients to own in order to increase their confidence. Once you know what you love about your body, you’ll know how to showcase it. My confidence lies with my hair. I think I am the only natural blonde living here in Southern California! It’s the one area in my life that I don’t have to spend money on too. When I am having a good hair day, I’m having a good day in general!” Kimberly Seltzer

“I love my heart because it is always pumping me up even while I am sleeping!!!” Mari Koda

“The physical attribute I love most about myself is my red hair. After years of dying it and trying to be anything but a redhead, I have finally come to realize how unique and beautiful my natural auburn color is. It has become my selling feature as a muse and has created a nice niche for myself with clients. People remember be by my hair.” Morgan Ryan

“I love my collarbone because when I stand up tall and proud it accents my broad and strong shoulders and helps me keep my heart open. I love my waist because it makes me feel feminine and healthy. I love my feet because they are strong and resilient and the keep me grounded! I love my strength hand athletic build because it makes me feel vibrant and unstoppable!” Lauren Roxburgh

I love that everyone has found something to truly love about themselves. For me personally, I’ve always loved my hair, whether it’s blonde, pink, brown or ombre, it’s always been something I take pride in. I also love my petite waist, I feel most confident when I wear something that shows off that attribute.

What about you? What do YOU LOVE about yourself?

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