16 Heartmelting Ways to Photograph Your Newborn

Recently I came across the most adorable and yet artful gallery of baby photos I’d ever seen. When I couldn’t stop scrolling through, I knew I had to get in contact with the photographer. I soon discovered these photos were created by a team, Sri and Jana of Chicago. Sri explained to me how he got started in maternity and newborn photography:

“While shooting fashion, I noticed 2 things – 1. typically, fashion photographers did not want to shoot pregnant women and 2. pregnancy photography was typically boring, dull and even sad. […] I wanted to bring style, joy, fun, colors, vibrancy, surrealism to maternity photography. Maternity Beautiful Wrapped Red Photography Fabric

Isn’t pregnancy one of the most if not the most joyous occasion in one’s life ? Why can’t one show vibrancy of the moment with colorful photos? […]

Once we started doing maternity sessions, the obvious next step was newborn photography. […] Additionally, Jana used to be a pediatric physical therapist and is adept at handling babies safely. Both our maternity and newborn photographs are always non-cheesy and subtle. No crazy over-saturated colors or babies inside pumpkins or any of that. Just timeless pieces of fun-art.”

Truly, I didn’t know maternity photos could be so stunning until I saw Sri and Jana’s work. But clearly the pair have a way with newborns as well. Drawing inspiration from their work, here are 16 ways to adorably photograph your new babe.

1. With pink owl friends

Pink hat baby newborn photography

Chicago Newborn Photographer,

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