13 Quotes About Your Body You Need to Hear

Here at WorldLifestyle, we like covering body positivity. Why? Because “flawless” is overrated. Because self-bullying hurts. And because this quote applies to many parts of the world:
Every society has a way of torturing its women perfection girl fear of fat pinterest

Every society has a way of torturing it’s women. Our way of torturing is to demand perfection.


Even very young children might have an intense fear of being fat. It should not be that way. This girl has the right to grow up without her body being criticized.” – anonymous

For this reason we’ve made “body image” our theme for July. And, in honor of that, we’ve collected 13 quotes we’d love all people, but especially all women, to have the opportunity to read. 

Because they’re true.

1. On style

2. On body-talk

Marcia Hutchinson is the author of Transforming Body Image: Learning to Love the Body You Have

3. On happiness

4. On “wrong vs. right”

5. On “problematic” curves

6. On deciding who gets to be around you

7. On not being a “before” picture

8. On accepting different sizes

9. On the power of clothing tags

10. On the house encasing your mind

11. On the definition of health

12. On evaluating “processed beauty”

And finally…

13. On how loving your body can start a revolution

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