10 Truly Awful Victoria’s Secret Photoshop Fails

Almost every model you see in any ad has likely been altered in some way. Certain body parts enhanced, other body parts reduced, etc. It sets up unrealistic, unfair expectations in our minds of what a body is “supposed to” look like.

ModCloth made headlines for doing something revolutionary in the in retail industry: it was the first brand to sign the Heroes Pledge for Advertisers. By doing this, ModCloth promises “not to change the shape, size, proportion, color and/or remove/enhance the physical features, of the people in our ads in post-production,” among other things.

Here’s hoping other retailers follow ModCloth’s groundbreaking example and sign the pledge — especially retailers that are really Photoshop-happy, like Victoria’s Secret. This brand boasts some of the most beautiful women on Earth modeling their goods, but they still enhance and reduce them. They’re still not perfect enough.

To remind us just how altered these “perfect” models really are, just take a look at some of Victoria’s Secret’s most egregious Photoshop disasters — all caught by the website PS Disasters.

1. Whittled waist

victoria's secret lace tee photoshop

Well, in Victoria’s Secret-ville they say, this lady’s right hip grew three sizes that day. (Apologies to Dr. Seuss for bringing him into this.)

Photo source: PS Disasters